Ever wonder why there's a helicopter circling overhead or why the police have your neighborhood on lockdown? Don't wait to maybe hear it on the news after the fact...be in the know and hear the action as it happens...live, uncensored and without any media bias. 


Who we are...

South Bay Scanner was founded in 2009 by a couple of South Bay native ham radio operators who love listening to the police scanner. The concept was born after one of the founders moved away from the South Bay and could no longer hear what was going on in his old neighborhood. While the feed was initially created for them, it turns out others were listening as well, which was creating capacity and bandwidth challenges.

They wanted to create a platform that could be accessed by other listeners who share in their excitement for real-time news and breaking incidents happening in the South Bay. After experimenting with several media streaming platforms, RadioReference.com (now Broadcastify.com) was chosen because of its functionality and reliability. Broadcastify still hosts both feeds to this day.


10 Years on the Air...

Over the last decade, South Bay Scanner has developed a loyal following and has since become the premier online scanner radio destination to providing the latest public safety audio and Breaking News happening in the South Bay region of the Los Angeles Basin. South Bay Scanner streams two feeds live, 24-hours a day.