Here is a list of frequencies we routinely monitor on both feeds. During Breaking News or major incidents, we may:

1. Lock-on to a particular frequency or frequencies, holding all other radio traffic, so you don't miss an important transmission; resuming normal scanning operation once the situation is Code-4.
2. Place the feed in "Priority Mode." This means that we will still scan all the other frequencies on the feed, however, as soon a specified frequency or frequencies becomes active, the scanner will immediately switch over to that frequency, so you don't miss an important transmission.

3. Monitor frequencies outside our feed coverage or frequencies not listed below.

Feed 1: Los Angeles (South Bay) Police and Fire


470.6375  SBRCC1 MB/HB

470.3875  SBRCC2 HAW PD

470.0125  SBRCC3 GARDNA PD

471.3375  SBRCC4 EL SEG PD

506.0125  SBRCC5 FIRE 1

506.0375  SBRCC6 FIRE 2

472.5375  SBRCC7 FIRE 3

470.1875  SBRCC15 HB PD

482.4250  SBRCC16 FIRE RIC

451.5500  CHEVRON FD

460.0750  REDONDO BCH PD 1

453.2000  REDONDO BCH FD 1

506.3375  REDONDO BCH FD 2

506.1625  TORRANCE PD 1

506.2625  TORRANCE FD 1

506.2875  TORRANCE FD 2 

Updated: 10/8/2019

Feed 2: Los Angeles County (South Bay) Sheriff Dispatch 7/12 and Inglewood Police

FREQ           ALPHA TAG

484.0375  LASD D7 LMT/AVLN

487.0375  LASD D7 INPUT

483.4375  LASD D12 LWN/LNX

486.4375  LASD D12 INPUT

482.8875  LASD L2


Updated: 7/5/2019